Why Erre Quadro

Erre Quadro is able to master the traditional limits within the field of patent search by applying sophisticated in-house algorithms and software.

Mastering these limits allows:

  • To identify the most suitable and correct patent-set that matches the research objectives (completeness)
  • To overcome problems related to the loss of important documents for the research (recall)
  • To increase the research accuracy and accordingly minimize the risk of misleading analytics due to non- consistent data (precision)
  • To reduce the noise that produces unexpected and unmanageable results (precision VS recall)


Due to that, Erre Quadro is able to provide valuable and precise insights in order to answer the following set of questions:

  • What technological areas are not covered by the competition?
  • Are there free areas to direct and focus R&D efforts?
  • Are there new fields/ markets to enter and expand business operations?
  • In what direction is the competition moving – what are the new trends?
  • How to keep up with the technology and market development?
  • How to identify the pioneers, follow them or anticipate their moves?