Summer doesn’t stop Sparkle Project!

A new newsletter has been published. These are the main topics that are addressed.

What’s happening in SPARKLE?

The report “Training Needs Assessment” is now available on SPARKLE project website. It is one of the main deliverables of the project’s first work package and its aim is to define and present the training needs regarding Precision Agriculture based on the feedback of researchers, agricultural science students, and farmers adopting precision agriculture technologies. After the identification of the main needs and the future path of farming sector, thank also to a collection of 20 Farm Business Models, the partners are now ready for defining the contents of the course.

12th European Congress on Precision Agriculture

The European Congress on Precision Agriculture (ECPA) will be held in Montpellier (France) from the  7th to the 11th of July. The conference will continue with the successful format of previous conferences, building in strong industry sessions and participation. In addition to a strong academic program, in fact, the conference will feature strong links to industry with practical input through commercial participants, the digital agriculture convergence center as well as the digital Mediterranean farm.

Sustainable Precision Agriculture and Lean Farming

“Sustainable” is a critical adjective for Precision Agriculture. It implies a precise knowledge and an aware management of productive factors in accordance with economic, environmental and social aspects. Discussing about Sustainable Precision Agriculture without taking into consideration a method of identification of the most suitable technologies (Business Model Canvas analysis) and a method for a regular improvement of processes’ efficiency (Lean Manufacturing), doesn’t allow the necessary step from research to business, from “farmer” to “agricultural entrepreneur”.

An agricultural “Lean Guide” already exists, it provides with detailed methods on lean approach at the winery chain level, but the challenge is to apply it even to farming, with its environmental, seasonal, and structural diversity.

10th Iberian Congress of Agricultural Engineering

The X Iberian Congress of Agricultural Engineering will be held in Huesca (Spain) from 3 to 6 of September 2019. The location will be the Escuela Politécnica Superior, located in the Campus of Zaragoza University. The Congress program will reach different areas of agrarian engineering, such as automation and technologies for process management.

11 July 2019