Sparkle news: our partners’ approaches to precision agriculture

In the last Sparkle Project newsletter, a comparison between the different ways the farmer partners of the project adopt precision agriculture technologies is proposed.

Quinta da Cholda (Portugal) has introduced PA technologies in order to increase the production, reducing time of operations, costs and the environmental impact, in terms of CO2 emissions and Nitrous Oxide. Automated guidance systems, aircraft and drone images, soil mapping and GIS platform are the main technologies adopted. Follow the link for the whole post.

Marchesi Mazzei S.p.a. (Italy) has adopted PA technologies with the aim of producing typical wines deeply related to the history of territory. To get this goal, the following technologies have been introduced: electromagnetic wave systems, to collect soil information, GIS instruments, to process the data and telemetry systems combined with variable-rate equipment, to improve the productivity of each plant. Follow the link for the whole post.

Rezos Brands (Greece) has embraced PA technologies with the ambition to increase the production of food with high nutritional values, reducing costs related to an inefficient use of water, pesticides and fertilizers. GPS, Optical sensors, Electrochemical Sensors are the main technologies used. Follow the link for the whole post.

18 June 2019