We provide services in order to support our clients in IP Management, decision making processes and product development activities.


Clear Data

ClearData is a search engine dedicated to the patent world.

Thanks to a series of predefined filters and artificial intelligence systems, it is possible even for an inexperienced user of the specificities of the patents to carry out targeted research on the technological context of interest. This means having a search engine based on your product, on the process and on the innovation you want to manage.

ClearData also allows you to sort documents returned by the search with respect to company priorities and predefined criteria.


Classifier is a document management system that allows an accurate and flexible classification of the patents of a single company or of all the competitors of a sector based on one or more hierarchical trees of categories defined by the user. By adopting Machine Learning algorithms, a brief training phase is provided; subsequently the software allows to completely automate the process of archiving, managing the single document and browsing the structured database, boasting a very high degree of reliability.



TagMyPic is a tool for the analysis of patent images.

It automatically enriches the figures of the patent with the information necessary for its correct and rapid understanding; it also allows an efficient and comprehensive navigation between the visual component and the textual component.

During the drafting of the patent, the software facilitates the identification of inconsistencies between text and image labels.

Thanks to TagMyPic you will get a reduction in reading and comprehension times, an efficient sharing of the analyzes, and the improvement of the management of the changes in the drafting phase.

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Statistics is a support tool created to perform statistics on patent sets. It allows you to have a complete look at the technological evolution that has taken place over the years in a specific area.


Technology Mapping

Identification of the main technologies of a particular sector and the strategies of the various players for competitive intelligence and understanding of the strengths / weaknesses with respect to the reference market.


  • Finding new directions in product innovation
  • Increase conceptual design activities
  • Support decision-making processes (for marketing, sales, management, etc.)
  • Identification of possible collaborations
  • Monitor the positioning of a company / research center with respect to its competitive context (competitive intelligence)
  • Support the impact assessment of investments
  • Support the design and implementation of regional / company policies
  • Provide useful information for the preparation of documents, offers, teaching materials, etc.

Immaterial Asset Evaluation

Analysis of the value, risk and opportunities (present and potential) of the patent portfolio.


  • Guidelines for due diligence
  • Support for mergers and acquisitions transitions
  • Evaluation of a company for the receipt of financing

Patentibility / State of the art / FTO

Analysis of the state of the art of existing solutions and identification of possible infringements, ie patents superimposed on the customer’s idea/development.


  • Reduction of risk of infringement of existing patents
  • Provide guidelines for the definition of patent strategies
  • Support for defensive strategy
  • Support to offensive strategy against competitors

Design around

Identification of technical variants capable of circumventing solutions protected by the patents of others, identifying new areas of patenting, strengthening patent portfolios both in defensive terms and in terms of generating value for the company’s asset.


  • Increase the coverage of your solution by protecting it with new patents
  • Valuing one’s own intangible assets
  • Enhance the coverage of your technology

Technology Foresight

Discovering the perspectives and opportunities hidden behind emerging technologies so as to support the decision-making and development process.


  • Identification of the main technologies of a sector
  • Evaluation of the maturity level of a given technology
  • Vision of the competitive scenario of the company
  • Development of strategy for the acquisition of patents

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