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23rd of October 2018

On the BEFORE project website you can find the seventh newsletter!

You will find information about: the international conference in Turin on the 21st and 22nd November entitled ‘Skills for the Future: Managing transition’; the project meeting organised in Warsaw by the partners who were taking care of the preparation of the training courses; some ideas coming from the study “FUTURE WORK / TECHNOLOGY 2050” and finally the future management practices by Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends report.


3rd of October 2018

The ULISSE project, Understanding, Learning and Improving Soft Skills for Employability, has begun. Erre Quadro has been awarded the project with the University of Pisa, the Miguel Hernandez University of Elche (Spain), the Polytechnic of Porto (Portugal) and the University Latvijas (Latvia).
On the 1st and the 2nd of October the kick off meeting took place with the project partners in the premises of the University of Pisa, where the first tasks and objectives were defined. The aim of the project is to analyze and develop the most important skills for the job market with a special focus on soft skills. The final goal is to bridge the gap between job market demand and supply, by creating ad hoc training courses, boosting the professional integration of graduates into companies.
In the first phase of the project Erre Quadro will be involved not only in the analysis of job announcements available at the Career Services office of the partner Universities, but also in an analysis of information collected from external databases and scientific literature, using advanced NLP software and proprietary algorithms. This will allow to extrapolate in a timely manner the transversal skills most requested by the companies and to design on this basis the specific training activities that will allow to implement these skills.



30th of July 2018

Online the 6th beFORE project newsletter!

New topics: a community of entrepreneurship in Mondragon University celebrates its 10th anniversary; The 4th beFORE meeting in Berlin: discussing contents about the development of supplementary e-learning courses; “Antitrendbook”: the new report on the future of banking; WP9 activity – checking the quality of the work done: developed a questionnaire to ensure that the architecture, the topics and learning outcomes comply with what users of the e-learning course believe to be important; Leading to a transition towards more adaptable university of the future: an interesting non-profit undergraduate program.

Read the newsletter at the following link


12th of June 2018

On 5 and 6 June 2018, in Pisa, the second meeting of the Sparkle Project was carried out. Partners have discussed how to conduct the research phase of the project, this preparatory stage leads to the realization of training courses on precision agriculture. The aim of this phase is to study three different aspects of precision agriculture in order to supply to agripreneurs of today and tomorrow the necessary tools for a better planning of their business. The study will face the three following topics:

– A foresight analysis, in order to define which are the technological trends in the future of precision agriculture The analysis will be conducted by Erre Quadro on patents and documentation and scientific literature and it will be aimed to retrieve relevant documents to be automatically analyzed with in-house-developed software tools;

– A detailed research on robotics in precision agriculture, in order to present an overview of all the opportunities linked to this particular domain;

– The collection and analysis of a set of business models of farmers adopting precision agriculture initiatives, in order to present how their business model are different in respect with traditional farm and how it is possible to design a business taking into consideration PA technologies in order to maximize the probability of success.

meeting sparkle_pisa


28th of May 2018

GATE (Galileo Aggregator for Technology and Enterprises) has been opened! The new headquarters of Erre Quadro is located in an historic building being part of the old slaughterhouse of Pisa and modernized as space for business.
GATE is not only our new headquarters; GATE is, above all, the vision of a new opportunity for development. Thanks to the integration of Erre Quadro and Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini as promoters of the project with other excellences of our territory all joined with the link of digital innovation, GATE is an ecosystem complete of all the necessary competences for offering all-round services focused on innovation and Industry 4.0.
In this way, GATE looks to become a point of reference in aiding companies to front the digital revolution challenges.
For further information on GATE, please visit the website and follow us on our Youtube channel.

imma inaug


26th of March 2018


Blocco loghi PORCreO stretto


Erre Quadro is proud to announce the start of ADA project (Automatic Data and documents Analysis to enhance human-based processes). The project is co-financed by the “POR FESR 2014-2020 – Bando N.2: Progetti Strategici di Ricerca e Sviluppo delle MPMI”, Region of Tuscany’s tender aimed to the support of research and development in micro, small and medium enterprises.
The aim of the project is to develop a platform for the automation of information management and analysis of the flow of information in companies’ manufacturing process in line with Industry 4.0 paradigm.
The platform will be based on a big-data analytics system and will allow the acquisition, organization and smart retrieval of information from technical texts and images. The main innovative expected functionalities of the platform are the following: computer-aided writing of project documentation, combined analysis of images and texts, automatic digging of information from technical texts, guaranteed certification through blockchain, testing automation and predictive maintenance.
The project team is composed by a group of Tuscan excellences in the fields of Information Technology and Industry: Hyperborea, Erre Quadro, NetResults, Istituto di Linguistica Computazionale «A. Zampolli» – Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (ILC-CNR), Istituto di Scienza e Tecnologie dell’Informazione “Alessandro Faedo” (ISTI),  Superevo, SIMM Toscana.
Please, find further information at the following link ada





19th of February 2018

The Erasmus+ Knowledge Alliance project Sustainable Precision Agriculture: Research and Knowledge for Learning how to be an agri-Entrepreneur-Sparkle has been started.
The aim of the project is to link together University, Farmers and Students giving a chance of learning and facing challenge for the students, but also fronting the Universities with concrete problems in SPA application in open field with the aid of farmer’s experience.
Erre quadro in particular will perform a foresight activity of applied technologies for different fields in SPA to better understand where there is the future of European technologies market of SPA and where it need to be better developed.

foto kickoff per post
The project partners are: University of Florence (IT), Universidad Politecnica de Madrid (ES), Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (GR), Universidade de Evora (PT), CSIC – research center on mechanization and robotics (SP), AgroSAP (SP), ErreQuadro (IT), Valuedo (IT), Quinta de Cholda (PT), Rezos Brands (GR), Mazzei 1435 (IT).


08th of January 2018

On the new website ( you can find the last two newsletters of the BeFORE project!

In the third newsletter information about the project meeting in Florence and useful insights coming from the compentences analysis for FUTURE-ORIENTED Individuals performed in the first work package are presented.

In the fourth newsletter you can read an interesting overview of the higher education offer and commercial foresight courses carried on all over the world, some news about the millenium project and a test to understand how the beFORE Futures Literacy e-learning courses can support your professionally.



01st of August 2017

After the second official meeting of Before project, a new Newsletter has been published. You can download it at this link

In the Newsletter you can find information about the meeting in Bialystock, the method adopetd to identify the main foresight competencies to be taken into consideration to design the learning courses and finally some information about the dissemination activities of the partners


01st of January 2017

Erre Quadro is proud to announce the start of the Erasmus+ Knowledge Alliance project: Becoming Future-ORiented Entrepreneurs in universities and companies – BeFORE.

The aim of the project is to build a methodological and theoretical framework for future-oriented entrepreneurship coupled with the development of e-learning based educational solutions, in order to facilitate achieving a desired foresight awareness and maturity levels among entrepreneurs, students and educators.

The project partnership consists of: Institute for Sustainable Technologies-National Research Institute (Poland-co-ordinator), Bialystok University of Technology (Poland), 4CF (Poland), University of Pisa (Italy), Mondragon University – Faculty of Business Studies (Spain), Free University Berlin – Futur Institut (Germany), ValueDo (Italy), ERRE QUADRO (Italy), PROSPEKTIKER (Spain), AVENITURE (Germany).

Further information can be found to the following link







28th of November 2016

We got the Innovation Award 2016.
Due to our advanced analytic tools and innovative software we were able to obtain the Innovation Award 2016 given by the Chamber of Commerce of Pisa!

more details under:

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16 maggio 2016

Erre Quadro interverrà con la descrizione dell’uso dei suoi strumenti  a supporto del patent box, grazie alla possibilità offerta dallo studio Marangoni, “AGEVOLAZIONI FISCALI SU RICERCA E SVILUPPO E PATENT BOX“.

04 marzo 2016

Il sole 24 Ore, nella rubrica “Start up con il Sole”, scrive questo interessante articolo. Un estratto lo trovate al link: info data il Sole24Ore.

17 novembre 2015

La camera di commercio di Lucca organizza il seminario “Tutelare e valorizzare la propria idea: strumenti, metodi e risorse pubbliche a supporto“. Erre Quadro è chiamata a raccontare un case history su:  “Metodi a supporto delle scelte strategiche brevettuali”.

5 ottobre 2015

La camera di commercio di Pisa organizza il seminario “Tutelare e valorizzare la propria idea: strumenti, metodi e risorse pubbliche a supporto“. Erre Quadro è chiamata a raccontare un case history su:  “Metodi a supporto delle scelte strategiche brevettuali”.

15 aprile 2015

Lucense ospita Erre Quadro nel “Seminario Progetto CLOUD – Metodi e strumenti evoluti per fare innovazione

18 marzo 2015

Erre Quadro presenta gli strumenti dell’innovazione alla sede di Federmanager Milano.

20 febbraio 2015

Intervento tematico in ASEV “Innovazione attraverso un acceleratore della creatività”.

20 gennaio 2055

Intervento tematico “Software e servizi a supporto dello sviluppo prodotto” al workshop organizzato dal polo tecnologico di Navacchio.

16 dicembre 2014

Apertura dell’evento sull’innovazione dei materiali

29 novembre 2014

Partecipa all’evento organizzato da GE per il suo anniversario

novembre – dicembre

Docenza al mini master sul Business Innovation Managment alla camera di commercio di Pistoia

9-12 ottobre 2014


ottobre – novembre 2014

Docenza al mini master sul Business Innovation Managment alla camera di commercio di Pisa – Assefi

11 aprile 2014

Seminario svolto presso la camera di commercio di Pisa su “ricerca ed analisi brevettuale – quali i vantaggi per le imprese” 

22 maggio 2014

Supporto dell’Università di Pisa nello sviluppo di nuovi device per la vitrectomia

28 novembre 2013

Seminario svolto presso la camera di commercio di Pistoia su “La Valorizzazione dei Brevetti nelle Start Up Innovative”