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Tecnimetro 4.0®

The Tecnimetro 4.0® is a tool based on a database of terms and relationships related to the technologies, skills and methodologies that are part of the 4.0 paradigm.

It allows you to automatically analyze different types of text and understand how much and how it responds to the principles of Industry 4.0.

Application examples:

  • Support for the analysis and evaluation of texts with technological content (eg project proposals or technical documents).
  • Analysis and mapping of the use of 4.0 technologies by a company or its competitors.
  • Extraction and analysis of technology trends on a technical (patent) and scientific (paper) basis.
  • Automatic analysis of curricula.
  • Analysis of new professional profiles related to Industry 4.0.
  • The Technimetro® is the 4.0 tool that allows you to carry out analyzes on the digital world in a historical moment in which digitization is the main lever for competitiveness.


I 4.0 Assessment

The assessment is a service that allows you to measure the degree of digitization of a company and to identify concrete measures to help it maximize the economic advantages deriving from Industry 4.0 and digitization.

The assessment is carried out directly in the company through an interview with the managers of the company functions present and in which the working methods of the company are analyzed. During the visit all the aspects that characterize the company are analyzed following a questionnaire developed to adapt to the size and sector of the company.

In detail, it will be possible for the company:

  • gaining greater awareness of the Industry 4.0 paradigm;
  • obtain a detailed measure of the level of digital maturity of the company and of the functions of which it is composed;
  • outline a development plan and a prioritization of investments.

The assessment is the first step in the path that each company can take to pursue and exploit the advantages of Industry 4.0.

I 4.0 Skills

I4.0 Skills is one of the most popular applications that Technimetro® offers in the world of skills to support reskilling and upskilling. Thanks to Technimetro® it is possible to identify the need to introduce 4.0 skills in the company thanks to an analysis of CVs or descriptions of the profiles present in the company.

In detail, I4.0 Skills allows to:

  • automatically extract the description and skills associated with each professional profile;
  • understand which skills must be acquired to master a particular technology or process;
  • analyze the way in which skills 4.0 are distributed among the employees of an organization;
  • understand what skills are needed to transform a professional profile at risk of obsolescence into another more required;
  • determine which professional profile possesses the set of skills necessary for an organization.

Thanks to I4.0 Skills it is possible to keep up with the continuous mutability of the skills required by the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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