“Entrepreneurship in Humanities”, a Summer School on business development in Humanities sector

Between 8th and 19th July 2019 the Summer School Entrepreneurship in Humanities, organised by Fondazione Golinelli and Erre Quadro Srl, occurred at Fondazione Golinelli location.

The Summer School, reaching this year its second edition, represented an opportunity for interaction among humanities subjects and business development, focusing on the growth of design and idea fulfilment’s paths.

The two-weeks’ school addressed masters’ students, new graduates, PhD students and PhDs from different humanities environments and it was attended by academics and speakers from Italian Universities, business world, relevant Italian entities like Fondazione Museo Egizio of Tourin, Artefiera and Alma Mater Studiorum’s Museum University System.

The class, in which individual commitment and working group were as important, combined theory and practice moments. The aim was to focus on participants and their ideas. Particularly, ideas had a leading role during the whole course and the candidates’ selection process.

At the end of the Summer School, the award “Marino and Paola Golinelli” of € 2.500,00 was delivered to the business project Step by Step, a project for the integration between educational and museum teaching.

For further information on the Summer School visit the following site: https://www.fondazionegolinelli.it/it/area-arti/summer-school.

9 September 2019