Our strengths

Erre Quadro is able to overcome the traditional limits in patent search including:

  • The usage of natural language characterized by alternate spelling, synonyms, technical slang, polysemy etc.
  • Deliberately ambiguous language
  • Incompleteness of information, – omissions, mistakes and misleading data.

We master these issues with our:

SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY: We apply sophisticated in-house software and algorithms to select, examine and organize large amounts of IP data. These technologies are based on years of research and can be applied in different industrial sectors.

  • Research processes: our processes and internal procedures ensure high performance in identifying the most relevant information within large amounts of patent databases. The high quality of patent searches is based on high precision and recall parameters.
  • Multidisciplinary skills: Due to our multidisciplinary team with a diverse skillset and expertise in different subject areas, we are able to provide innovative solutions to our clients’ challenges coming from different areas of technology. Erre Quadro also cooperates with external experts from the industrial world as well as the academia to enrich and complement the company’s know-how.