At Erre Quadro – an Italian IP analytics and research company – we focus on the development of solutions surrounding the management of the knowledge & insights contained in patents. Our software solutions and our expertise are suitable for both, SMEs and large corporations. Our aim is to support and empower our customers to make better decisions. Services include the identification of the state-of-the-art of a technology through patents, and accordingly to provide insights about where to direct research and product development. We also help our partners to identify the company’s competitive position in order to define business strategies. Research and analyses conducted by Erre Quadro can be carried out at different levels and depths. Based on the client’s specifications and objectives, we are able to screen technologies of an entire sector, subsystem or examine a specific component and/or function of a specific technology.

Our clients are large corporations and SMEs (including government and public institutions) within the automotive industry, energy, oil & gas, textile, biomedical, packaging, industrial machinery, and ICT.

A lot of past projects within the different sectors have evolved into long-term partnerships resulting in the development of new patents and innovative concepts.