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The Erre Quadro solutions combine cutting-edge software of computational linguistics with a sophisticated representation of technologies, in order to analyze technical documentation of various kinds with very high levels of reliability, and thus offer to companies strategic information for the development of their business.


There are numerous and varied challenges that Erre Quadro and its team have faced:

 Speed and quality of innovation – It is not easy to continually invent new products and differentiate the offer from the competitors.

 Understanding of technology – Complex or recent technologies require a thorough and detailed representation in order to make the most of their characteristics and keep pace with their evolution.

 Detection of emerging technologies – The best opportunities come from radically new ideas. Unfortunately, even the human expert may not have the appropriate knowledge or vocabulary to identify emerging technologies within the vast world of patents.

 Side threats or opportunities – The solutions to a given problem may already have been resolved in technological areas far from those of competence, and thus be extremely difficult to detect.

Our solution

Erre Quadro firmly believes that a correct analysis of the IP landscape has the potential to tackle the aforementioned problems.

The quality of patent research thus becomes the limiting and crucial factor in order to extract the correct information:

  • An incorrect definition of the research focus provides misleading or incomplete results.
  • Incomplete research involves the failure to consider important elements.
  • Low precision and noise produce poor results.

We have therefore merged the most effective results of two research traditions, namely the theory of engineering design and computational linguistics, in order to create specific tools for the IP domain that can guarantee maximum reliability of analysis.

The result is an ICT platform integrated with a database of technical concepts (functions, physical effects, materials, etc.) of over 100,000 entries and a completely harmonized patent database.

Thanks to our software and methodologies refined over the years, we work together with our customers to optimize the entire innovation process.

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